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Rent A Car For Your Holidays

Hello Everybody

Wanting to rent a car now that the year end holidays are here? We at Alltrust Leasing Car Rental have the vehicles for you but better start hurrying up as people are already starting to book our vehicles well in advance. The favourites are the larger people carriers such as the MPVs. We have a few in our range such as the Toyota Wish, Honda Odyssey or the higher range ones such as the Toyota Estima or the Toyota Alphard and Toyota Vellfire. Pricing for these vehicle will have a slight premium due the year end school holidays and the festive season. But not to worry, It will not cost you an arm and a leg. If you want to rent a car from us,

Give us a call at 64530100 or visit us at and make an online booking.

Car Rental In Singapore

Car Rental In Singapore is heavily utilized by locals and foreigners alike.

Anyone who is 23 years of age and above with valid Class 3 license of at least 2 years can rent a vehicle from us.

It can be said that peak periods for car rental are during the Holiday Seasons. With the December holidays, Deepavali, Hari Raya Haji, Christmas fast approaching, customers are busy preparing for the chain of holidays. Most of them will be going across the causeway to Malaysia. This means that most likely they will be hiring MPVs.

We at Alltrust Leasing have a range of MPVs available for rental. Our range of MPVs include Toyota Wish, Toyota Estima, Toyota Alphard, Toyota Vellfire, Honda Stream, Honda Odyssey and Mazda 5.

Another hot event that is around the corner is the SINGAPORE FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX. This is happening from 19th September 2014 till 21st September 2014. Guests from all over the world will be coming for this yearly Night Race.



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Rent A Car

Rent A Car

Alltrust Leasing Pte Ltd

Rent A Car With Alltrust Leasing Car Rental Singapore

Rent A Car ALLTRUST Leasing Car Rental Singapore is a Singapore based car rental company that provides car rental, van rental and attractive long term passenger vehicle rental and leasing. We started in 2008 with a modest 15 cars and now boast a range of over 150 private rental cars and commercial rental vehicles.

Private Car Rental Singapore

We have a wide range of private rentals cars. They range from Budget cars like Nissan March, Hyundai Matrix, Toyota Vios to Normal rental cars like Mazda 3, Toyota Altis, Subaru Impreza, Honda Civic. The next range of cars fall into the Luxury catergory. They are Mercedes Benz C, E and S class, BMW 3, 5, 7 Series and a few models from the Audi range. As for MPVs, We have the basic ones like Toyota Wish to Honda Odyssey to the higher range ones like Toyota Estima and Toyota Alphard.

Commercial Vehicle Rental Singapore

Our commercial vehicles basically is split up into 3 groups. Vans, Lorries and PA Buses. Vans range from mini eurovans to normal vans like Toyota Hiace and Liteace to Large Vans like Nissan Urvan, Renault Trafic and Opel Vivaro. Lorries range from small single and double cab pickups to large 10 or 14ft Lorries.(Open, Covered and Box Versions)

Chauffeur Services Singapore

We also provide chauffeur services for customers who need to be driven around for work, sight seeing or for special occasions.

We are conveniently situated at Sin Ming Drive just opposite Bishan Golf Driving Range. Furthermore, we are backed by our own subsidiary workshop, thus there is no need for worry of vehicles breaking down. We operate on 25hrs service and we strive to provide the best car rental and car leasing service with the most competitive prices for our customers. So come and rent a car from us and have a wonderful car rental experience.



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Rent A Car from Alltrust

Rent A Car

Alltrust Leasing Pte Ltd

Hello everybody!!!. Welcome back to Alltrust Leasing Car Rental Singapore. Come and Rent A Car from us now as we are having quite a number of special deals going on.

Rent a Car

Rent a car from us for a week and we will charge you for only 6 days rental . That means basically you get 1 day free.

Rent A Van

Van rentals are basically the same as car rentals. The only extra thing that the customer needs to provide is a company chop and ROC. This is because we can only rent if it is a company rental

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Car Rental And Chauffeur Services

car rental

Alltrust Leasing Pte Ltd

Hello Everybody,

Car rental is picking up nowadays. Everybody is always searching to rent a car, rental of cars, car leasing, rent a car Singapore and many more. All this shows that the car rental market is picking up. We at ALLTRUST LEASING SINGAPORE strive to be the number 1 in the industry.

Private Car Rental

Private car rental consists of small cars, saloon cars, large cars and luxury cars and MPVs.

Small Cars

These include Hyundai Getz, Hyundai Matrix and Honda Jazz.

Saloon Cars

These include Mazda 3, Honda Civic, Toyota Altis, Toyota Vios, Subaru Impreza among a few others.

Large Cars

These include Nissan Cefiro, Toyota Camry and Mercedes C class.

Luxury Cars

Our Luxury cars include Mercedes S Class, BMW 5 Series, Audi A5 Coupe and Mercedes E Class.

All these cars can be rented out on a daily basis or leased out long term.

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Alltrust Leasing Rent A Car Singapore


Rent A Car

Alltrust Leasing Pte Ltd


For those people who wish to rent a car, they have a choice of car rental companies in Singapore that rent a car for short term or lease a car for long term. We strive to be the one of the best Singapore Car Rental companies around. We have a wide range of vehicles that we rent  out for both short term rental and long term rental or long term leasing.

If you like to lease a new car, we can help arrange it provided you sign a 3 year lease.

Or if you decide to lease a used car for long term, we can help arrange for that too. If your car lease term is long enough, we can purchase a car that you prefer.

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