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Alltrust Leasing Rent A Car Singapore


Rent A Car

Alltrust Leasing Pte Ltd


For those people who wish to rent a car, they have a choice of car rental companies in Singapore that rent a car for short term or lease a car for long term. We strive to be the one of the best Singapore Car Rental companies around. We have a wide range of vehicles that we rent  out for both short term rental and long term rental or long term leasing.

If you like to lease a new car, we can help arrange it provided you sign a 3 year lease.

Or if you decide to lease a used car for long term, we can help arrange for that too. If your car lease term is long enough, we can purchase a car that you prefer.

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Weekend Rental from Alltrust Leasing Car Rental Singapore

Car rental singapore

Short Term Car Rental

Hello Everybody,

Welcome to Alltrust Leasing Car Rental Singapore. With the current car prices at an all time high, more and more people are turning to car rental for family outings during the weekends. Our car rental rates for weekend usage are competitively priced. Call us at 64530100 early to reserve a vehicle so as to avoid any disappointment coz our vehicles are HOT!!!

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